‘The difference between someone who is in shape and someone who is out of shape, is that the individual who is in shape, exercises even when they dont want to…  ‘  Is this true??

Well, what is true is that life is all about ‘choices’.  It is about making changes if you are truly unhappy with something about your life. 

So, when it comes to being  healthy and in shape, it’s about putting youself first and not allowing the usual excuses to keep you from pursuing your goals. Work pressures, a hectic schedule,  lack of energy, etc. are all real  and exist  BUT…  should never stop you day in day out from prioritising your health. Remember, true wealth is health always..

So, if this is  the day that you decide to choose to be healthy and get your body back in shape, here are some simple pointers:

 It is about learning some discipline when it comes to your food choices and portion control.
 It is about sticking to an exercise program and yes, exercising even on the days  you feel you don’t want to.
 It is about knowing that all your hard work will be rewarded directly to you, each and every day.
 It is about respecting the value of being healthy

What you have to know  is that one you make any key decision to change,  it really can be life changing.  If  you have always longed to have the body of your dreams, it  becomes possible, just from the new choices you are now deciding to make.
 It really is all in your reach.YOU possess the power in you to change today.  Make that choice.

All  good wishes and thanks for reading..:)  

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