A New Day..

I woke up very early today to the most beautiful sunny morning. It’s my favorite time and type of day, because for a moment, everything is perfect and still, the morning air is calm and peaceful, and the sunlight lights up the clear blue skies in the most special way.  I get this warm sort of fuzzy feeling inside. I feel excited, energised  at the prospect of this new day.  Like anything is possible. Like I’m filled with  hope.
I think the reason I connect  to this type of day, is because it sends me into a sort of day dream.  I immediately remember that this feeling I have now, is the same kind of feeling I had pretty much every day as a child.   I remember playing sports/games  in the fields, paddling through streams,  making daisy chains and every other thing I used to do then on a summers day.  I’d wake up and feel elated, just because it was morning, a new start. No cares in the world other, no responsibilities to stress about, just a feeling of excitement, of freedom, simplicity and happiness.

Why, is it relevant to what I’m thinking about today you may wonder..?
Well, I think it’s days like this that  hopefully remind us what life should be about.  In another hour or so, when the world starts to take over this beautiful early spring morning, all the hussle, stress and noise will return and once again . This day will be consumed by all the other things that we think are more important.  We are so caught up  in this rut that we fail to pay attention to what really matters- ourselves and our health.  All our extra burdens, overshadow our own priorities. We eat and drink poorly, neglect the importance of exercise and wellbeing, and  ironically this behaviour takes us further and further away from the feelings of happiness that we are searching for.  I believe we are all searching for that feeling I described above.  Freedom, happiness and hope.   I think these words will connect with some of you who read this.  And, I can help you start today to get closer to regaining some control over your life, so that you have the perfect chance to experience these once again.  A healthy body, is the key to a healthy mind and vice versa.  If one aspect is out of synch, then you will lose any hope in this area and you will  feel out of control. Your goals overwhelm you, and they seem  impossible.

I’m here to tell you it only starts with a slight mind shift to make this the start of a new YOU.  When your body feels in peak condition, when your mind starts to prioritise your personal needs over work stresses, financial pressures, materialistic ventures etc, you will see that you will start to feel sudden surges of the energy and elation I describe above. Start to think about your body differently.  Try to remember , how it  would feel  to have the same boundless energy you had a child.  Start today to want that back.  Start thinking about your food choices, making time to exercise  more, making time to relax, making time to just sit and do nothing. It’s only when you start to concentrate on what’s really going on inside, that you start to get to know the real you once again. Once you start listening, it all starts to make sense.)

Thanks for reading. x

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