Think yourself younger

We can start reprogramming ourselves with this new information and wisdom too. Just think of all the thoughts that are our beliefs about aging and all the diseases attached to them.

All we have to do is rethink those old programs we have memories of and have been using to influence our body in the past. The belief that is programmed in our memories of our body deteriorating as we become another and then another year older is a misconception of programming that we have bought into and can be reprogrammed.

How do we reprogram our self to the new idea’s and wisdom of reversing our aging process? Then to sustain that youthful vitality for as long as we desire? It is by thinking differently about our body and brain, by researching for our own self all the information that is now everywhere on the plasticity of our brain and over 70 trillion cells in our body. Learning how our thoughts are perpetually giving commands to our body cells through our nervous system and actually creating over and over again our DNA this allows us to gather enough evidence that we are the one that is creating our body in every way.

Just think about it for a moment, when you go by a mirror and see yourself what are the first thoughts that pop up in your mind? Being aware makes all the difference too because this is when you pause and take notice of how you are choosing your thoughts about yourself. Instead of see any aging day after day instead by pausing and inserting new thoughts to choose from and then focusing on them is the secret to creating the changes that you prefer.

It may take some time in the beginning if you are seeing your body in the past because it was from the old thoughts focused upon that created the present beliefs that you now have about aging that has created your body to be as it now is. Once you realize it and then start to change how you react and respond with the thoughts of the desire you want your body to be then the changes are already started.

All that is needed is to continue choosing the new thoughts so that your new beliefs are being created, stored in your memory and will become easily retrieved each time you perceive yourself.

Then day after day you will see the changes, you will notice any illnesses you had start to dissolve and you will become healthier. You will notice lines you seen in the past become less and a more youthful face and body starting to appear.

Have you ever noticed that through times in your life when stress seem to take over for sustained periods of time that you looked older? Then when the stresses were resolved and you felt peaceful about the situation that your body and face then also changed and you looked younger. When we notice these seemingly subtler changes is when we actually witness how placid our body and brain really is and those experiences is the new foundation to continue to work on. It will become undeniable to you as you continue the process of choosing thoughts of youthfulness and realizing that it really is up to you to choose the thoughts that are going to give the preferred commands for your brain and body cells to recreate the body into.

Releasing the ego’s vain desire and transforming those beliefs into our deservingness of creating our divine body from the divine infinite source. Ego and vain is caring about what others think about us, reversing our aging process can be from the most highest worthy desire as it communicates that we do love our self unconditionally. We love our self to realize that continuing on the path of destruction for our body is from thoughts of the ego and not from the divine. Well being and reverse aging as in youthfulness and vitality is actually being divine as we are choosing thoughts of higher vibration.

Sustaining our physical body of youth is creating our brain and body to be in harmony instead of deteriorating in disharmony. Creating our body as it was divinely intended because any disease including aging is a breaking down of a beautiful created vessel for our soul. A divine dance playing out to the rhythm and tune of Infinite Source of harmony so our brain and body cells are responding from pure love.

Reverse aging is about using the highest potential because if aging really is another disease we have been conditioned to believe in then I believe those beliefs are not in alignment with our true infinite self.

Rediscovering You.

Today I woke up  to the a  beautiful, sunny morning.

Early morning is  my favorite time of day.  The sounds of nature swirl  in the morning air, and the magical glow of sunlight, illuminates the clear blue skies in the most spectacular way.

It is at this time of day  especially, I get this warm sort of fuzzy feeling.  For some reason I feel everythng is  new, hopeful  and  inspiring . I feel elated,  and start my day believing that anything is possible.

I can remember that this feeling I have now, is the same kind of feeling that I had as a child.   I remember playing games in the school fields, paddling through streams, even climbing trees, and certainly making daisy chains without a care in the world.  I’d wake up and feel energized-jumping out of bed with boundless enthusiasm. Nothing really to stress about, just a feeling of pure excitement,, simplicity and happiness.
It’s this feeling  that stands to remind us is what life should be about.  In another hour or so, the world once again  starts to take over. All the hussle,  chaos stresses and noise will return . Once again, this day will be consumed by all the other things that we are conditioned to think are more important.

Unfortunately,  we are so caught up in this rut, that we fail to pay attention to what really matters- ourselves and our health.  All our extra burdens, overshadow our own priorities. We eat and drink poorly, neglect the importance of exercise and  true well being.  Ironically this behavior takes us further and further away from the feelings of happiness that we are searching for.

I believe we are all searching for that feeling I described above.  Freedom, happiness, hope and truth.   I think these words will connect with some of you who are reading this.  My goal is to help you start today to get closer to regaining some control over your life, so that you have the perfect chance to experience these feelings  once again.

A healthy body, and  a healthy mind, a healthy spirit  all need to be nurtured. They all must  work harmoniously together for true health.  If one aspect is out of sync, then you will lose any hope in this area, and you will  feel out of control. Your goals will overwhelm you, and they will seem  impossible.

I’m here to tell you it only starts with a slight mind shift.  This is the key to the start of a new ‘ YOU’.  When your body feels in peak condition, when your mind starts to prioritize your personal needs over work stresses, financial pressures, materialistic ventures etc, when your spirit and emotional self feel at peace and balanced , you will see that you will start to feel sudden surges of energy and elation.

It’s never too late. Start to think about your mind and body differently today.  Try to remember , how it  would feel  to have the same boundless energy you had a child.  Start to want that back.  Start thinking about your food choices, making time to exercise more, making time to relax, making time, to just sit and do nothing.

It’s only when you start to concentrate on what’s really going on inside, that you start to get to unleash your true soul once again. Once you start listening, it all starts to make sense.

I’m here to help you on your journey back to  ‘YOU.’