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 chair1 copy11As a Certified Longevity Welness Specialist , I am very passionate about helping you look and feel your very best , no matter what your age.
Wherever you are in the world , I am always available via Skype or email, for  my  Longevity Wellness Coaching.  Coaching lets  me help you bring some balance back in to you life. It  allows me to create sound nutrition goals for achieving your optimum health and fitness. By making  longevity a no.1 priority, you can look forward to a long and healthy life. Additionally, when you a functioning at your very best, you are more likely to achieve your goals and ambitions in every other aspect of your life.
 So start today. After you purchase the package below, you’ll receive an e-mail with a Lifestyle Evaluation Questionnaire and next steps.
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This package includes 4 x 30-minute Skype consultations. During the first consultation we will discuss  nutritional and fitness goals, lifestyle challenges, workplace stresses, time management and your current fitness status.
The goal of this initial talk is to really let me get to know about you, find out your setbacks and frustrations and discover what you really want to achieve and get out of these sessions. The Lifestyle Questionnaire that you  then receive, should be completed before each live consultation as this is important additional information.
​Each consultation will be a progression from the previous. So , I’ll talk you through a lifestyle change, focusing on stress management techniques, nutrition goals and changes , and exercise recommendations. The ultimate aim is to  coach you to create a lifestyle  that allows for more energy , improved and  optimum health,  superior  fitness and longevity  , less stress,  better work/life balance , nutritional recommendations to prevent diseases ,  resulting in a longer and happier life!
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