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Reshapeology is now offering an exclusive new service to  Anti -Aging Wellness Centers, Nationwide.

Patients who visit these Centers for bio-identical hormone therapy, or other health and aging concerns, often struggle through  the emotional side of it alone.  They can feel depressed, and  start to question themselves and even their purpose, as confidence and focus is lost in these mid life years.

As a certified  Longevity Wellness Specialist and Holistic Life Coach, Reshapeology can now offer a personalized holistic  coaching support service to patients in need.  With 1:1 and small group coaching, people soon regain their personal power and direction in life. They begin to realize that aging isn’t the end.  It is actually the most wonderful feeling when you are able to combine your years of wisdom and growth, with optimum, health, vitality, confidence, ageless beauty inside and out, and hormonal balance.  Aging healthily , and with the right support,  can be  ‘EMPOWERING’ in every sense.

If you are a clinic, who in interested in requesting this service for your patients, please complete your details via the contact form below.

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