What Defines You?

Essentially, here are 3 key parts to good health in any individual:
a)  Mental  health
b)  Physical health
c)  Emotional health.
Much of the emphasis in everyday media, usually stresses the physical health of someone being paramount to that person achieving better or optimal health. It seems to totally disregard emotional and mental health as being of any importance.
In my experience, all three parts need to be connected and functioning properly for an individual to be classed as ‘Healthy’.  In other words, you cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body or healthy emotions.  The three parts are inextricably linked and if any part is not functioning harmoniously, the other parts too will inevitably be affected.  Our mind and body are so closely connected that when one is affected there is bound to be repercussions on another..  For instance, when we suffer a significant amount of emotional stress , we find that our energy levels drop, our muscles ache quicker, our performance falters, and  we are more susceptible to illness.  This in a nutshell is just a very simple example of how stress – (Emotional) has a profound effect on our performance ( Physical).
However, not to be forgotten amongst all this  is the awareness that we all have a ‘Spiritual Health’ – a spirit like force that defines each and every one of us.This spirit is basically the summary of our individual physical, mental and emotional health/ journey..  Human spirit is a powerful insight into who an individual really is.  ‘You’ yourself define your spirit by your emotional and mental attitude.  For instance, ‘ My life is about growing, learning, exploring, awareness, being a better human being, living as best as I can etc.’ That’s my power, my spirit, my calling, and consequently affects my physical abilities and goals.. Maybe start thinking today about what you feel your ‘spirit ‘ is.  What defines you as ‘YOU’ and how maybe your ‘ SPIRIT ‘ can be strong enough to enhance your overall health and well being each and every day..
Sending you all good wishes.

For Jellybean.

myboy2The strangest thing happened last night,
You came to visit me.
And I saw your beautiful eyes once more,
Just like they used to be.

For now you are free my special one,
From this world,suffering and pain.
Free as the wind,eternal as the sky,
And my life will never be the same.

My only peace comes from knowing,
That you are in that special place.
Safe,strong and beautiful,
With that soulful,searching face.

Where birds fly high,
Above fields and streams.
Where the skies are their bluest,
And the sun simply gleams.

In a garden made just for you,
With luscious trees to climb.
And magical flowers surround you,
Until the end of time.

Better there,than here,
For your soul is as before.
And nothing can ever hurt you,
You are untouchable and pure.

And whilst I still miss you,
More and more each day.
I feel you deep within my heart,
Where you will always stay.

Please know my precious little one,
My love will never part. 
For you gave me the most special gift,
Your love,your trust,your heart.

"Remembering you today JB.
I love you forever. It never changes."

Revive your Mind and Body

Today I woke up  to the a  beautiful, sunny morning.

Early morning is  my favorite time of day.  The sounds of nature swirl  in the morning air, and the magical glow of sunlight, illuminates the clear blue skies in the most spectacular way.

I t is at this time of day  especially, I get this warm sort of fuzzy feeling.  For some reason I feel everythng is  new, hopeful  and  inspiring . I feel elated,  and start my day believing that anything is possible.

I can remember that this feeling I have now, is the same kind of feeling that I had as a child.   I remember playing games in the school fields, paddling through streams, even climbing trees, and certainly making daisy chains without a care in the world.  I’d wake up and feel energized-jumping out of bed with boundless enthusiasm. Nothing really to stress about, just a feeling of pure excitement,, simplicity and happiness.
It’s this feeling  that stands to remind us is what life should be about.  In another hour or so, the world once again  starts to take over. All the hussle,  chaos stresses and noise will return . Once again, this day will be consumed by all the other things that we are conditioned to think are more important. Unfortunately,  we are so caught up in this rut, that we fail to pay attention to what really matters- ourselves and our health.  All our extra burdens, overshadow our own priorities. We eat and drink poorly, neglect the importance of exercise and  true well being. Ironically this behavior takes us further and further away from the feelings of happiness that we are searching for.

I believe we are all searching for that feeling I described above.  Freedom, happiness, hope and truth.   I think these words will connect with some of you who are reading this.  And, I can help you start today to get closer to regaining some control over your life, so that you have the perfect chance to experience these feelings  once again.

A healthy body, and  a healthy mind, a healthy spirit  all need to be nurtured. They all must  work harmoniously together for true health.  If one aspect is out of sync, then you will lose any hope in this area, and you will  feel out of control. Your goals will overwhelm you, and they will seem  impossible.

I’m here to tell you it only starts with a slight mind shift.  This is the key to the start of a new ‘ YOU’.  When your body feels in peak condition, when your mind starts to prioritize your personal needs over work stresses, financial pressures, materialistic ventures etc, when your spirit and emotional self feel at peace and balanced , you will see that you will start to feel sudden surges of energy and elation.

It’s never too late. Start to think about your mind and body differently today.  Try to remember , how it  would feel  to have the same boundless energy you had a child.  Start to want that back.  Start thinking about your food choices, making time to exercise more, making time to relax, making time, to just sit and do nothing.

It’s only when you start to concentrate on what’s really going on inside, that you start to get to unleash your true soul once again. Once you start listening, it all starts to make sense.

Yoga for Anti- Aging

Here are 4 amazing anti-aging  ways in which  Yoga helps your mind, body  and spirit stay youthful:

1: Yoga helps improve mobility. 

 Yoga can help improve mobility throughout your body. It enhances  your  spines mobility, which can be crucial for helping stop a decline in good posture, associated with aging.

2: Yoga helps better your balance.

 A regular yoga practice is a great tool for improving balance which could potentially help prevent falls and injuries.  In turn, it improves confidence for you to keep yourself more active.

3. Yoga helps lower your blood pressure.

  Yoga can not only help lower high blood pressure (which can cause everything from strokes to brittle bones), it can also effectively lower blood glucose levels, cholesterol and even help you lose weight.

4.Yoga encourages smoother, younger your skin. 

 Yoga helps increase bl0od flow, bringing essential nutrients to your skin. It lowers inflammation-causing stress levels in your body, and reducing inflammation can help your skin appear not only healthier, but younger too.

Importance of Cardiovascular exercise for Brain Health

Exercise that improves your  cardiovascular system is not just about fitness, but significantly connected to brain health. Eg: When you don’t exercise, small blood vessels in the brain start to degenerate and fail, due to increases in blood pressure, as we age. It also  causes hardening of the blood vessel walls. Conclusion : Lack of Cardiovascular exercise  destroys small areas of brain tissue. Start exercising today!