mindsmiole pic3 copy1Reshapeology’s  ‘One hour Body and Mind Experience’, is designed to help you look and feel better, and promote Optimum Health and Well Being.

In this inspirational and relaxing workshop, you will learn and experience:

  • Exercise that will regenerate and de- stress the body
  • Holistic Nutrition principles – clean eating and weight loss.
  • Chakra Balancing and colors, and restoring energy paths.
  • Mental Relaxation Techniques through simple visualization exercises.


For office groups, corporations, company events, senior living communities, wellness functions and more.



A wonderful and inspiring experience ideal for your next corporate function, office gathering, team building event, company outing, group or charity event, fund raiser,select communities,  or any other where you want people to get together, learn, have fun, and leave happier.



Exercise made easy, no equipment

Eat what you like – all day long – and lose weight
Explore body chakras and colors

Calm yourself with mental relaxation techniques.


Pilates, Yoga, exercise that’s easy, nutrition that’s appealing, body Chakras. and visualization all come together in the One Hour Experience for a complete approach to looking good and feeling good… naturally.


Inspiring, intriguing, relaxing, motivational – feel great in just one hour! Currently offered in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Details and what to expect:

Sun-Salutation21. Simple mat work to rejuvenate and energize the body with Anouk – 15 minutes .Tighter abs without even sweating… Plus,  it will help strengthen and help resolve some back problems.

We’ll also talk about and try exercises you can do at home, whilst watching TV or even when on the phone! You’ll learn and experience how exercise can be easy, painless, interesting, and well, fun.

Some sessions where appropriate will include  Swiss balls for everyone. Please ask.

 2. Eat more and lose weight! – 15 minutes

The more often you eat, the more weight you can lose. Surprising?

You can eat 6 times a day – and many of your favorite foods – by following a few simple holistic nutrition and clean eating advise.

3. What color are you? Body Chakras – 15 minutes

The seven colors of the light spectrum can help to stimulate our body’s own healing process while enhancing our sense of well being.

We explore color and how it can balance the Chakras of the body and energize you.

Each color has its own wavelength and its own specific energy, and each relates to the seven main Chakras of the body.

Our goal in health and well being is to use color to enhance our daily lives by achieving a unique balance of all these energies.

4. Take time to daydream – 15 minutes

SAMPLE: “Close your eyes. Fold your hands above your head. Imagine yourself in a large warm tub filled with bubbles, like when you were a kid. You can hear the sound of the water as it fills your tub. You can smell the clean scent of the bath. You’re warm and cozy. The temperature of the water is just right. You can hear the sounds of splashing your hands make on the top of the water. You can take a handful of water and let it drop into the bubbles, hearing the sounds. Relax. Sit back. Lean back in
your chair keeping your hands behind your head. Completely relax. Think only of the water flowing around you. It’s calm. You have no cares. Just think about the bath.”

Visualization’ can be done any time of the day.

Daydreaming is good to schedule in. We’ll try some visualization, breathing, and relaxation techniques, and then talk about them.



 At the end of the experience, time remains for questions and discussion and new ideas about making the most of looking good and feeling good every day and in every way.

We will discuss how you can make minimal changes to everyday events and habits and look better and feel better as a result.

In my classes, the goal is to find things you like, turn them into things that make you look good and feel better, and help develop personalized programs, tailored to the individual.

I find my personalized suggestions and fun approach is the absolute best way to improve the way you look and feel… naturally.


For answers to questions about Body and Mind Balancing and Holistic Life Coaching  and Nutrition, please contact me to schedule a session

This workshop may also be adapted to  1:1 training, in  home or  online.

 Reshapeology’s ‘One hour Body and Mind Experience’ by ANOUK

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Anouk can come to your office or organization and provide an uplifting, educational, and entertaining talk (more of an experience) about the RESHAPEOLOGY Lifestyle – and how its body, mind and spirit approach can benefit you and everyone in your organization. Email Anouk for details or call: 1 925 457 2584. Thanks!

Please email Anouk or call 1 925 457 2584 to schedule one to one/small group classes, or to book ‘The One Hour Body and Mind Workshop Experience.

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