The Reshapeology Mentoring Program is an 8 week weight loss and fitness program, designed to reshape your body and in the process allow you to experience true health and well being. It is not a ‘FAD’ diet. It is the key ​to redefining how you think, feel and behave around food. It is the key to not just doing exercise, but doing the ‘RIGHT’ kind of exercise for your body type. It is this knowledge, that will lead you to achieve your IDEAL body. After years of trying other diets and getting nowhere, you will be astounded at how you look and feel using this methodology.​

How is this program different? There are so many others out there? Why should it work any better?

This Program is different and works because it is a guided and specific weight loss program combined with a series of very personalised changing exercise routines to avoid your body becoming static. Additionally, you are also encouraged and mentored every step of the way by Anouk herself.

This in itself guarantees that you will reach your goals. This continued support through the first 6 weeks of the program is essential to your success and you staying focused and committed.

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Need more information first??? HERE’S A SUMMARY OF HOW IT WORKS

Phase 1 : RESHAPEOLOGY  DETOX- weeks 1-2.

Once you have signed up to the 8 week program, you will begin the first phase of your transforrmation. Initially,you will be sent a series of questionnaires for you to return and complete via email. These will discuss your current body weight, determine your current body shape,evaluate your dietary habits, assess your current fitness, and acknowledge any pre-existing medical conditions that you may have. All this information is crucial in allowing your program to be customized specifically for you. Once you have sent this information back, Anouk will create an initial RESHAPE  DETOX 2 week nutrition plan. This phase does not include any exercise as it is the 2 week phasedesigned to reset your metabolism and give it the charge it needs. It concentrates on eliminating certain foods,and replacing it with others, to clean your system out and target stubborn hard to shift fat areas. As a member you will also have access to Anouk’s 1:1 Reshape Mentoring. this means that if you choose to, you may submit a short daily journal via email detailing how you are feeling and coping with the initial Reshape Detox Phase. Anouk will read each entry and liase with you via personal voicemails or emails. These will be delivered straight to your inbox. Anouk will encourage you and answer any concerns you may have. Also, she will provide you with the much needed support that you may need when making such a transformation.

Phase 2 – RESHAPEOLOGY  IGNITE- weeks 2-4.

The Reshape IGNITE phase covers weeks 2-4. This phase concentrates on boosting your metabolism to its optimum efficiency after the reset nutrtion phase when your body is at its most efficient. It is now that the exercise component is introduced into your plan. Anouk will provide you with a reviewed diet plan and an exercise protocol for you to follow for weeks 2-4. Exercise will concentrate on working your accessory muscles in addition to your large muscle groups, to encourage tightening and toning of your body without bulking. Again, you will have access to Anouk’s Reshape Mentoring and again her responses will be delivered straight to your inbox.


Phase 3 – RESHAPEOLOGY VITALITY weeks 4-6.

Weeks 4-6 are about ‘ change’ both with regard to the exercise routine you have been doing and your food choices. Anouk will revise your exercise plan and give you a new routine to follow again concentrating on cardio work and accessory muscle toning. She will also refine your food choices incoorporating some advisory high quality supplements into your lifestyle. This will ensure that your cleansed new body is also a ‘nourished body’. These changes are significant at this stage since they will avoid any risk of yourbody becoming static or plateauing. You will continue to see your new shape evolve and your weight loss continue steadily. If you choose to use the mentoring service, this will be last phase of mentoring with Anouk . In response to your entries, she will continue to give feedback and encourage you on. You are reaching the RESHAPE EMERGE phase and this last stage of mentoring can be very helpful and informative of what to expect next. Part of your transformation, is that as you get further into the program you will begin to feel more in control and settled within your new body. It is about starting to ‘own’ your own body and becoming more independent. This is why this is the last phase of mentoring. By this phase you will be recognising your own power. The changes in your body shape and you weight loss will have encouraged you to trust yourself and your body more and more.

This is an exciting phase so ’embrace it’!!!

Phase 4 – RESHAPEOLOGY  EMERGE- weeks 6-8.

Reshape Emerge is the final phase of the Reshapeology Mentoring Program. This phase covers weeks 6-8 and concentrates on seeing your new body emerge, and recognising echniques and lifestyle changes that will allow you to mantain it. For this final phase, Anouk will send you through the ‘Emerge maintainence diet plan and the ‘Emerge Exercise Rota’ . Both of these are necessary to ensure that all your hard work is not undone. This phase emphasises maintaining and keeping your new shape BEYOND the final 2 weeks, so that your weight loss and body sculpting efforts are easily maintained.

This phase is about establishing your own body awareness. There purposely will be no more mentoring with Anouk as now you wil be encouraged to take responsibility for your new body. You will recognise the food choices that do not work for your body type and cause the problems. This knowledge means long lasting results. The Emerge Exercise Plan will also guarantee you results beyond these final 2 weeks. You will exercise on a rotation concept, using the exercise protocols you have been given throughout the last 6 weeks. Again, this will avoid your body reverting to its old shape. Instead your new shape will continue to emerge and refine itself.

There is no easy way and this Program and Methodology takes comittment and determinaton to get the results you truly deserve.


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