This morning when you get up and reach for the cereal, I’d like you to step back and have a think about the type of fuel/foods you are giving your body.
Infact, I’d like you to open all your cupboards and have a look at  how much, artificial, and highly processed food types you have.  These foods are the type that  have a long shelf life and taste great !!!  Jams, spreads, cereals, biscuits, packet /tinned foods and soups, are just a few to mention of the many out there. But,  simply put  – these foods are  just  filled with  preservatives, fillers, flavourings,etc. that are toxic and harmful to your body.  You are right-  the effects do not happen straight away, but over time, their effects on the efficiency of  your metabolism and health, will start to show themselves.

So, it is really about us all  going back to basics with our eating habits.  Try and buy fresh and organic,fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.  Foods that WILL go off after a couple of days if not refrigerated.  Also, start to only even consider food supplements derived from natural food sources and with minimal processing. This is the key.  Otherwise, you are just adding more sythnetic ingredients and chemicals to your already poor diet.

Think Clean and Eat Clean should be your motto going forward if you  are truly are passionate about reaching optimum health. Yes, of course every so often you can treat yourself to the foods you crave. What’s interesting though, is that the more you eat clean, the less you start to miss your old lifestyle and way of eating.  You will actually WANT to put these clean foods into your body! 🙂

This is the concept behind my Reshapeology supplement range.  All the supplements are minimally processed and derived froom the highest quality natural food sources.  This means that your body will actually absorb the nutrients properly and you will reap the benefits.   The Reshapeology 7 day Detox really concentrates on clearing out  your congested body, so  that your body can be receptive to the new nutrients you will give it going forward.
Sound a good idea??  I think you owe it to yourself.  Your body will thank you for it . 🙂

Thanks  for reading guys .. x