What Defines You?

Essentially, here are 3 key parts to good health in any individual:
a)  Mental  health
b)  Physical health
c)  Emotional health.
Much of the emphasis in everyday media, usually stresses the physical health of someone being paramount to that person achieving better or optimal health. It seems to totally disregard emotional and mental health as being of any importance.
In my experience, all three parts need to be connected and functioning properly for an individual to be classed as ‘Healthy’.  In other words, you cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body or healthy emotions.  The three parts are inextricably linked and if any part is not functioning harmoniously, the other parts too will inevitably be affected.  Our mind and body are so closely connected that when one is affected there is bound to be repercussions on another..  For instance, when we suffer a significant amount of emotional stress , we find that our energy levels drop, our muscles ache quicker, our performance falters, and  we are more susceptible to illness.  This in a nutshell is just a very simple example of how stress – (Emotional) has a profound effect on our performance ( Physical).
However, not to be forgotten amongst all this  is the awareness that we all have a ‘Spiritual Health’ – a spirit like force that defines each and every one of us.This spirit is basically the summary of our individual physical, mental and emotional health/ journey..  Human spirit is a powerful insight into who an individual really is.  ‘You’ yourself define your spirit by your emotional and mental attitude.  For instance, ‘ My life is about growing, learning, exploring, awareness, being a better human being, living as best as I can etc.’ That’s my power, my spirit, my calling, and consequently affects my physical abilities and goals.. Maybe start thinking today about what you feel your ‘spirit ‘ is.  What defines you as ‘YOU’ and how maybe your ‘ SPIRIT ‘ can be strong enough to enhance your overall health and well being each and every day..
Sending you all good wishes.