I’ve been thinking for sometime about the importance of living life to our full potential..
It is pretty clear to me that to live fully we need to have the correct energy to do so. Diet, lifestyle, stresses, expectations, workplaces etc , all drain us of our energy sources and gradually over time, they are steadily depleted. We are left demotivated and unenthused mainly because our natural energy has been cut short.
Of course, I am going to emphasise the importance of eating right to balance and maintain your wellbeing and energy. Our food choices ALWAYS affect our state of mind, our moods and hence our behaviour . As far as I see it we are all living on stimulus foods- sugar, refined carbohydrates, far too many cereals and grains, processed food and drinks etc. Because our bodies are loaded with all these unnatural substances and the chemicals to preserve or enhance their tastes, we become quickly addicted to them and we also get used to thinking this stimulus energy they give us is REAL. And there you have it… We exist in overdrive because we consume these things like drugs and they allow us to function fast because they stimulate our autonomous nervous system. The problem is that this can never last. It drives your body into a stare of exhaustion and then eventually disease and illness. So, learning to live without these bad food choices is the key.. If you try to eliminate all these foods and replace them with good quality organic proteins , green leafy vegetables, low GI fruits etc soon it will all become clear as your mind becomes clear too. The first week of elimination will be so tough! You will feel exhausted , hungry , experience cravings , desperation etc – yes like experiencing drug withdrawal. You will then start to realise too that your energy was FALSE based on the foods you were consuming. They simply masked your exhaustion and kept you going . This elimination process allows you to rebuild your energy levels naturally and healthily. Very soon you will start to have amazing energy again but at the same time feel calmer and more balanced. No stimulants other than your own true motivation because you are realising your true potential again as you respect your body and nourish it properly. In my opinion this is key to all you do. You will NEVER look back .. x

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