Important choices re.what you drink ..

While the whole world is so busy telling us constantly about what is good to eat and what is not, they seem to be missing a piece in the puzzle…
Here’s the piece…  What you choose to drink on a regular basis, is in fact just as important as the foods we eat.  Once upon a time  there were so fewer choices in both food and drink and so much less processed and refined foods.  The benefits of this were that  our human bodies were not so dangerously damaged and affected as they are today. Unfortunately today, society is plagued with individuals who are insulin resistant, leptin resistant, diabetic, or with metabolic X syndrome.  These disorders  are all a cumulative consequence of too much processed and refined foods and drinks. They have simply overloaded their systems so much with these choices that the body gives up functioning as normal and starts to retain weight and to malfunction. Therefore it makes it very tough for someone to Posted on

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