For Jellybean.

myboy2The strangest thing happened last night,
You came to visit me.
And I saw your beautiful eyes once more,
Just like they used to be.

For now you are free my special one,
From this world,suffering and pain.
Free as the wind,eternal as the sky,
And my life will never be the same.

My only peace comes from knowing,
That you are in that special place.
Safe,strong and beautiful,
With that soulful,searching face.

Where birds fly high,
Above fields and streams.
Where the skies are their bluest,
And the sun simply gleams.

In a garden made just for you,
With luscious trees to climb.
And magical flowers surround you,
Until the end of time.

Better there,than here,
For your soul is as before.
And nothing can ever hurt you,
You are untouchable and pure.

And whilst I still miss you,
More and more each day.
I feel you deep within my heart,
Where you will always stay.

Please know my precious little one,
My love will never part. 
For you gave me the most special gift,
Your love,your trust,your heart.

"Remembering you today JB.
I love you forever. It never changes."

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