About Anouk

newfront4 copyAnouk learned the value of being happy in your body and living your best life, earlier than most. Despite her very active, sports orientated childhood and moderate diet, Anouk struggled with her weight, and felt unhappy with her body.
It was not a true reflection of who she really was, and how she really felt. This motivated  Anouk to pursue her interest  and education in health and fitness. She developed a burning passion to make this her career, helping others​ worldwide,  achieve their health and fitness goals.
She continued her studies and research into superior nutrition and its effects on metabolism. She discovered that certain ‘healthy’ foods, could actually hinder any attempts to shed pounds. Her philosophy is that you  if you give your body the ‘correct nutrition’ (not misleading so called healthy foods), combined with the correct type of exercise, you can actually reshape and refine your body,with amazing results.
Anouk’s frustration with the limited results of conventional exercise, motivated her to discover the true key to achieving not only weight loss, but complete body sculpting, no matter what your size.
Additionally, her interest in anti- aging health and medicine, allows for the application of  exercise and  proper nutrition, to restore and regain ‘Youth’.  Yes – you can look and feel younger! She believes it is possible to turn back the clock, naturally.  She is passionate about sharing her ‘anti -aging’  concepts with individuals worldwide, through lifestyle advise, stress management, nutrition and exercise.
It is this knowledge and her quest for ‘optimum well being’ that has led Anouk to become the  Founder of ‘Reshapeology’.  Reshapeology is a Luxury Health and Wellness Consulting Company. The intention is to deliver the best quality services, the most effective fitness and nutrition advise and training, and key anti- aging  information. Her niche is for select, serious minded, high profile individuals ,where time is of the essence in their busy, hectic schedules.

Anouk  truly believes that anything is possible, there are no limits.  You just have to know ‘HOW’.



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