Rob Cummings founded ESSENTUALE in 2001 when he literally woke up with a dream for an entirely different type of organization and approach – unlike any other – and designed for true satisfaction. A lifetime entrepreneur, raised in Westchester County (50 miles north of NYC), Rob graduated top 10 with a full scholarship from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC. Trained by legends in brand development, Rob spent his first year in a NYC ad/design firm (later bought by Interpublic Group), and the following year transforming a Miami in-house advertising agency.At age 22, with just $1500 in the bank, inspired by his parents in the design business, and encouraged by Rob’s still very close friend, Mick Slager, who became the first employee, Rob launched an end-to-end branding and business strategy design firm named Cummings Design in Fort Lauderdale.Rob’s methodology helped numerous companies flourish by improving processes, procedures, and perceptions, while motivating staff and more – on top of branding, design, advertising, and packaging.Though ‘design’ is in the name, Cummings Design always took a very comprehensive approach to overall success. Rob also developed a successful sportswear line and a video production company. Twelve years later Rob was able to take two years off to study the film, television and emerging media businesses.  Rob developed and currently owns, has authored books, lectured, taught other designers, writes screenplays, has acted in TV and film, and helped manage talent at televised Awards Shows in Los Angeles from 1992-2002. To relax, Rob sails and formerly raced BMWs. Very outgoing and easy to talk with, his unique approach combined with business, design, marketing, promotion, sales, legal, accounting, technical and motivational skills, have enabled him to achieve positive outcomes in situations many believed impossible. In June 2000 Rob re-launched a cosmeceuticals e-commerce Site. Initially generating only $2500/month, with adjustments Rob made, it was generating over $350,000 per month and doubling every month. Intrigued, Rob began an intensive study of all ancient medicines, remedies, wellness philosophies and techniques. Though skeptical at first, he became convinced of the value and benefits some provided.Then one morning Rob woke up with a dream that became ESSENTUALE.ESSENTUALE is Rob’s dream and life passion.The dream was to create a complete lifestyle, The Essentuale Lifestyle, that helps people achieve their dreams and goals in every aspect of their lives by combining the finest products, services, and experiences and adventures of a lifetime, with one or more aspects available to all. Yet the basis and foundation of everything would be the world’s finest bath products including the best shampoo, best conditioner, best body wash and face wash – ever.The flagship of ESSENTUALE is the world’s finest bathing system.This dream also involved creating a uniquely structured organization where the organization enhances the lives of all who participate in it. ESSENTUALE participants benefit from this personal, genuine, sincere and honest ‘non-corporate’ approach and structure, which is based on personal happiness, satisfaction, and people doing exactly what they do best and enjoy most in life while helping others.Everyone involved with ESSENTUALE has a strong commitment to helping people look better, feel better, achieve their dreams and live happier lives. Now, even without him,  Rob’s Dream will  continue and people worldwide, can experience his products and lifestyle services.







































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