Reshapeology 7 day EXPRESS DETOX Fast Results!!! No mentoring.

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Reshapeology 8 week Mentoring WEIGHT LOSS Program​. 1:1 Mentoring with Anouk

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Cleanse your body and kick start serious weight loss with the 7 Day Express Detox. ​This program is designed to rid of toxins and recharge and optimise your digestive system to encourage detoxification and weight loss. If you follow this program strictly, you can potentially lose 5-7lbs in the 7 days.The detox package includes your 7 day diet plan and 1 tub of the new RESHAPEOLOGY’S GREEN SUPERFOOD DETOX POWDER. It is an organic nutrient rich, organic powder, infused with Wheatgrass, Barley Grass Acai Berry, Seagreens and more! This antioxidant rich super food, provides a powerful dose of whole food nutrition to help you on your way to your weight loss goals.It detoxifies and boosts your immune system, and stimulates your metabolism.You will take 3 heaped tsps daily, mixed in a fruit juice or your protein shake for the 7 days.This is detailed in the diet plan that you will receive and need to follow. Also included is RESHAPEOLOGY LEAN. This is an all natural supplement that uses natural herbs and food sources to encourage fat burning and boosts your metabolism.These powders/supplements encourage detoxification and total digestive cleansing as well as providing key antoxidants and abundant nutrients to recharge and energise your system.Please note: You are required to use a protein powder of your choice during the 7 day program. This is not provided in the package that you will receive.It is very important to stay hydrated during the 7 days. You must drink plenty of still or sparkling water, decaffeinated black, green or herbal tea. NO SUGAR, NO ALCOHOL ,NO BREADS, NO COFFEE, NO STARCHY CARBS, NO DAIRY during the 7 days Detox are permitted. The Reshapeology 8 week Weight Loss Program is available with Personal Mentoring with Anouk herself. Mentoring means you have weekly, personal 1:1 feedback and communication with Anouk. This is a service designed to make your weight loss journey easier and more enjoyable.Step by step, she will guide you to achieve results you never thought were possible! It is a Program carefully structured to provide not only weight loss, but body reshaping and toning.As part of the  Program, you will receive the Reshapeology Superfood kit which is an integral part of the program. This is designed to nourish your body, and to create the ideal  nutritional profile for your weight loss to occur.​The Reshapeology Superfoods kit includes:Reshapeology Nutrient Boost,Reshapeology Antarctic Wild Krill Oil,Reshapeology Natural C​,Reshapeology Acai Plus,Reshapeology Hemp Protein Power.​(This kit alone is worth over £100.)After the 8 weeks of the Program, you will emerge healthy, fit, recharged and nourished, with your previous cravings diminished and the knowledge to maintain your new shape and weight.​For this program you will receive the 4 phases of the diet and exercise plans, for the 8 week program structure.Each phase will detail what your meal choices should be and your exercise choices.

If you want accelerated results, it is a good idea to consider doing the Reshape 7 Day Express Detox Program, before the Reshapeology Program. Both work in synergy with each other .

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